Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quite The Sad

Lately, I've been feeling depressed. It's not gotten to the point where I can't function out in the world, but I still feel like crap most of the time. All I've been wanting to do lately is spend my time in front of my computer watching movies and playing games. I've been doing some thinking about my life and what I want to do for work in the future, but I'm not coming up with anything that I honestly can see myself being fired up about as a permanent career choice. My current job and school situation is probably where most of my stress is coming from. I go to work in the morning from 9-4. I have school from 5-7pm 4 days a week. The classes I'm taking are totally pointless to me. It feels like I'm working 2 dead end jobs with no recognition in each. I work in a warehouse and it's stressful because my boss is completely unorganized. The warehouse is in shambles and we're still trying to fit new stock in. He is stressed out because he doesn't know what the fuck he's doing and he transfers all of his stress on to me and the rest of my coworkers when he freaks out over small things. He makes people actually cry at the office. He is such an asshole but will never be fired. He's pulled so many shenanigans at work and has somehow avoided getting shit-canned each time. If I tried even ONE of the things he's done, they would have my ass out of that place faster than you can say unfair.

I didn't want to make this first post in a while about my shitty little life but there ya go. A depressing look at what it's like to be me right now.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Music I Enjoy

I really enjoy finding and listening to great new music from any genre. I love it all from Hip-hop to classical. I also love spreading the word about bands that I think are deserving. To that end I will be posting a video or song on this blog at least every other week but hopefully more.

The first artist on my list is M.I.A. She's a Sri Lankan visual and musical artist who is currently living in the UK. Her sound is a refreshing mixture of Hip-hop, Electro, and World Music with socially conscious lyrics written from a third world perspective.

Paper Planes from the Kala LP

As good as Kala is, I'm more in love with her first album. It's a lot more like Electro and was produced by Diplo. How could I not love it?

Bingo from the Arular LP

M.I.A. on Myspace

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The History of Electronic Music

I found this cool site while browsing the old Interweb last night. It's an intersecting timeline showing the development of different styles of electronic music. If you have any interest at all in the subject I would recommend checking it out. (The language the author uses is at a PG-13 to an R level in places. You have been warned)

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Year's Resolution

I realize that I'm a little late with the New Year's blog but here it is anyway. I'm going to try and make a post here at least once a week. I realize that hardly anyone reads this but I'd like to think it's only because I make infrequent posts ;)

2007 was a great year for me. It started out for me at the Sydney Opera House. I had no money left and I was slightly concerned about making it back to my school by train without a ticket. Luckily I did.

2007 was the year that I REALLY got into electronic music of all sorts. Electro, House, Grime, Trip-hop, Industrial, you name it and I'll probably check it out. I spent most of my musical life wondering about electronic music and not really knowing how to break into the scene. I didn't know who to try out and who to avoid. I was pretty much a n00b. I wouldn't say I'm an expert now but I try to listen to as many flavors of electronica as I can.

2007 was the year I decided not to go ahead with my nursing degree. I knew I didn't want to be a nurse on some level since my second year of school but by the end of last year, I finally called it quits. I enjoy my freedom of not cleaning up after other peoples bodily functions (except my own).

2007 was a great year and a lot more happened than what I just posted. 2008 is shaping up to be an exciting year so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anzac Day 2007

Anzac Memorial
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I went down to Sydney Tuesday night for a huge event on Oxford street with 11 different clubs getting together at 5 venues for a huge night of fun and dancing marching. After that got through with, me and my mate wandered around Hyde Park for a bit before heading to Martin Place (you know, it's that fountain in The Matrix where Neo sees the woman in the red dress and Morpheus stops time) to check out the dawn service. It was a great night and a half and I can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


twin realities
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I've really been neglecting my flickr account lately. I've just been pretty busy with school and work!
Here's one of my favorite shots from one of my absolute favorite artist/photographer in my contacts. Check out his amazing photos and artwork by clicking on his name :)

Monday, April 16, 2007


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Virginia Tech Killings

First of all read this if you haven't heard...La Times Article

All done? Wow. I couldn't even believe the news when I heard from some mates at the caffeteria. How does something like this even happen after Colombine? I believed that I was safer at University than I was in High School because of on campus security and more educated people. I was obviously wrong. The sad part is that this could have been anywhere. I have no idea what to do, but something needs to be done to prevent another mass shooting. I'm just glad this didn't happen in Australia.